Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Antalya Airport

Antalya Airport is located only 8.1 miles northeast from the city center of Antalya, in Turkey. The airport operates in the primary and most popular holiday destination of Turkey, situated on the Mediterranean coast. The Antalya airport was basically built to provide accommodation to the millions of passengers and visitors who come to Turkey's beautiful and mesmerizing Mediterranean beaches in summer. The airport handled approximately a total of 25 million passengers in 2011, and the most amazing part of this fact is that more than 20 million of these passengers were international. The Antalya Airport is known to be one of the best international airports in Turkey. It has two international terminals, along with one domestic terminal too. The Antalya airport is one of the major and primary airports on the Southwest of Turkey which contributes to control the air traffic along with the Bodrum and Dalaman airport.


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